Digital Cook Book 4.02

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Complete professional recipe manager.

If you're in need of a good recipes manager, then you don't have to look any further, because this Digital Cook Book is a complete professional software that will help you organize and sort all the recipes you want.

It's difficult to list all the features of Digital Cook Book, but very briefly it includes the following: allows groups rated to each recipe; search engines to locate them by different criteria; information on cooking time, number of guests, the ingredients needed and nutrients in the dish; provides details of the preparation of each recipe, photos of the dishes, and so on. You can also print any recipes.

Other properties of Digital Cook Book are: copy/move recipes from one group to another, modify, organize them by the ingredients you have, calculate nutritional values ??and the economic cost of each (ideal when it comes to make the cost of shopping list), generate customized reports , and so on. It also allows you to import recipes from popular formats like MasterCook, Meal Master and Computer Chef.


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